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difference  limit stress and working stress
in Reinforced Concrete by  

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The two are design methods

working stress method:   @ the stress in an element is obtained from the working or service loads and compared with permissible stresses.

@ the method follow linear stress - strain behavior of both the materials.

@here service or working load is used in the whole design.

@ modular ratio can be used to determine allowable stresses.

@ factor of saftey are used in WS.

@ ultimate load carry capacity can not predicted.

@ drawback is result uneconomical section. And
@ now we usd mostly in temporary work.

limite state design ;method is recently used method and

@ stress here obtained from design load compared with design strength.

@ this method follow linear strain r/n ship but not linear stress.

@ the ultimate stress of a materials itself are used as allowable stresses.

@here we use partial saftey factor for material and loads are used.

@here loads assessed with reasinable probablity of occurance.

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