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What are the uses of spacer bars in concrete columns??
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  1. A device for centering the reinforcement cages of cast-in-place concrete pile, composed of plain bar reinforcements that are soldered on longitudinal reinforcements. Considering their configuration, they are sometimes called skis.
  2. Use spacer bars to support the steel above the subgrade to the proper distance.
  3. Spacer Wheels are designed to space rebar at sidewalls and columns.
  4. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal reinforcement in pre-cast applications.
  5. Insure proper concrete cover requirements. This is so important to realize in the construction phase otherwise the steel will not work as expected (or not at all in many cases) and also to protect the steel from the highly corruptible sea environment which can render the steel useless in very short time by oxidization (rust).
  6. Open style design does not impede concrete flow.
  7. Minimal form work contact - Some sizes suitable for mesh

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