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Assumed that a beam is an end span of a girder which is continuous over several supports and is integral with its supports. The distance l, which is the distance between the outside face of the exterior support at the left-hand end of the beam and the center of the interior support at the right-hand end, is 30ft; the width of the exterior support at the left is 16in. and the width of the interior support at the right is 18in. the design loads on the beam are to be an estimated uniform load equal to 1000 plf. And two concentrated loads p, each of which is equal to 85,000 ib. the distance 1/3l between the two loads p is 10ft. assume that each reaction for the concentrated loads alone would be 85,000 ib. determine (a) the design maximum negative bending moment (b) the design positive bending moment, and (c) the distance form the exterior face of the interior support to the nearer point of inflection in the end span.


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