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Requirements of Solid Waste Disposal Sites

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Mar 01, 2020 / Solid Waste
Requirements of Solid Waste Disposal Sites

Following are the major requirements to be considered for any appropriate dump site / landfill:

Technical requirements:

Better planning (based on proper estimation of waste generation rates, population, changes in generation rates and population, diversion factors etc.), proper design and construction (size/ capacity according to requirements, arrangements for leachate and gases recovery, cover requirements, and liners etc.), and continuous maintenance during and after waste filling.

Environmental requirements:

Environmental aspects are the most important aspects in any appropriate Solid Waste Management system. Environmental protection must be considered for all phases of SWM. 

Social requirements:

Social acceptance from the communities and other stakeholders, especially people living in the vicinity at shorter distances from disposal sites

Economic requirements:

Ensuring minimum possible overall cost and maximizing the benefits through proper solid waste management.

Institutional requirements:

Capability of responsible institution to manage overall planning, operation, and maintenance of solid waste landfill sites

The above mentioned requirements are essential for a sanitary landfill disposal site.


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