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Final year Projects Topics List

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Feb 05, 2017 / Research
Final year Projects Selection Civil Engineering

Final Year Projects Ideas for Civil Engineering Students of Graduate and Undergraduate

Earthquake Related Projects Earthquake Projects

  1. Analysis of Seismic Demand in different structural members
  2. Advanced Earthquake Resistant Techniques
  3. Seismic isolation devices
  4. Energy dissipation devices for seismic design
  5. Reservoir induced seismicity
  6. Failure of foundation due to earthquake
  7. Cost Benefit Analysis of Earthquake Resistant Structures
  8. Confined vs Brick Masonry Buildings
  9. Seismic Behavior Analysis Of Different Structures (Buildings, Bridges, Shear Walls, Footing, Masonry)
  10. Earthquake Vibration Control Using innovative techniques
  11. Earthquake Vibration Control Using new / innovative materials
  12. Increasing strength of buildings by introducing new materials in construction (bentonite, marble dust, rice husk)
  13. Analysis of Building Codes
  14. Innovative use of wood and steel in concrete / brick buildings
  15. Landslide stabilization
  16. Seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of existing buildings for a specific area (e.g. vulnerability and risk assessment of brick masonry buildings in Peshawar, Pakistan
  17. Critical evaluation of design methods in seismic zones
  18. Numerical evaluation of the behavior of a reinforced concrete building
  19. How to mainstream the earthquake resistant building design (socially, economically, technically)
  20. Structural and Non-structural effects of earthquake
  21. Probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard analysis

Surveying & Levelling

  1. Advance Technology in Surveying

  2. Development Of Remote Monitoring System For Civil Engineering

  3. Determination of Road profile in an area

  4. Use of contouring to find suitable places for different purposes (e.g. dams, roads, buildings, powerplants, industries, reservoirs etc)

  5. Use of GIS and remote sensing in surveying

  6. Laser surveying, its applications, advancements, pros and cons

  7. Applications of different surveying techniques for solving real world problems

  8. Critical Analysis of already conducted surveys for different projects

Engineering Materials

  1. Engineering MaterialsSmart materials

  2. Basalt rock fibre (brf)

  3. Cellular Lightweight Concrete

  4. Mineral admixtures for high performance concrete

  5. Glass fiber reinforced concrete

  6. Geosynthetics

  7. Bamboo as a building material

  8. Silica fume concrete

  9. Fly-ash concrete pavement

  10. Non-destructive testing of concrete

  11. Structural and Non-structural behavior analysis of structures (brick, concrete, stone, wood, steel structures)

  12. Modelling and simulation of new / innovative materials in structural analysis softwares

  13. Innovative use of wood and steel in concrete / brick buildings

  14. Pros and Cons of using RCC, Plain cement concrete and how to fill the cons gaps

  15. Use of local materials for insulation and water proofing

  16. Investigation of Insulative properties of different materials

  17. Materials for Sound Barriers

  18. Development of Sustainable Materials

Building Construction

  1. CBuilding Constructionauses Prevention and Repair of Cracks In Building

  2. Rehabilitation techniques.

  3. Stability of high rise buildings.

  4. Corrosion Mechanism, Prevention & Repair Measures of RCC Structure

  5. Analysis for seismic retrofitting of buildings

  6. Collapse of World Trade Center

  7. Advance construction techniques

  8. The rain roof water-harvesting system

  9. Formwork types & design

  10. Rectification of building tilt

  11. Space hotel

  12. Retrofitting using frp laminates

  13. Green buildings

  14. Passive solar energy buildings

  15. Zero energy buildings

  16. Impact of lightening on building and remedial measures

  17. Laminated floorings

  18. Mainstreaming of green building technology/concept (socially, economically, technically)

  19. Use of architectural features for incorporating green building concepts

  20. Building Information Modelling

Highway & Transportation Engineering

  1. Highway ProjectsAdvanced Pavement Design

  2. Intelligent transport system

  3. Flexible pavement

  4. Rural road development

  5. Highway safety

  6. Mixed traffic control & behavior continuously reinforced concrete pavement

  7. Automated highway systems

  8. Traffic volume studies and congestion solutions

  9. Traffic Simulation and Modelling of specific areas

  10. Analysis of traffic flows

  11. Correlation of different factors on driver behavior and vehicle speed

  12. Correlation of Level of Service on vehicle speed


Environmental Engineering

  1. Sewage treatment plant

  2. Air pollution & its control

  3. Marine pollution

  4. Logistic management of solid waste

  5. E – waste disposal

  6. Environmental Impact Assessment


Softwares And Computer applications

  1. CComputer Applications in Civil Engineeringomputer Application In Civil Engineering-ANN
  2. GIS, GPS and its applications
  3. Arsenic Removal From Ground Water By Coagulation Process Concrete Cube Testing - A Neural Network Approach, Using MATLAB 6.0
  4. Geometry Optimization of Space Frame Structures
  5. Application of remote sensing & g.i.s. in groundwater prospecting
  6. Application of software in civil engineering industry

Irrigation & Water Resources Engineering

  1. Irrigation & water ResoourcesWatershed management

  2. Water resources engineering

  3. Interlinking of rivers

  4. Hydraulic & Hydrological impacts on Bridges

Soil Mechanics & GeoTechnical Engineering

  1. Soil MechanicsSoil Liquefaction

  2. Ready mix concrete plants

  3. Pile foundation

  4. Improvement of bearing capacity of sandy soil by grouting

  5. Ground improvement technique

  6. Use of plastic as soil stabilizer

  7. Erosion control in slope

Here are some more unique civil engineering undergraduate final year project topics:

  1. Design and analysis of a floating bridge
  2. Investigating the use of self-healing concrete for sustainable infrastructure
  3. Analysis of the seismic performance of tall buildings
  4. Design and implementation of a smart city drainage system
  5. Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of recycled concrete aggregate
  6. Developing a sustainable road pavement using recycled materials
  7. Design and analysis of a modular building system for disaster relief housing
  8. Investigating the use of green roofs for stormwater management
  9. Analysis of the effect of wind on tall buildings
  10. Developing a sustainable and eco-friendly wastewater treatment system
  11. Design and analysis of a solar-powered water desalination plant
  12. Investigation of the performance of different types of geosynthetics for soil stabilization
  13. Development of a smart irrigation system for urban landscapes
  14. Analysis of the environmental impact of different types of construction materials
  15. Design and implementation of an energy-efficient building system
  16. Design and construction of a green building with sustainable materials
  17. Investigating the effectiveness of various techniques for soil improvement
  18. Design and analysis of a pedestrian bridge using innovative materials
  19. Developing a new construction technique for high-rise buildings
  20. Investigating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in civil engineering applications
  21. Design and implementation of a smart transportation system for a city
  22. Investigating the performance of different types of foundations in seismic zones
  23. Developing a low-cost water purification system for rural communities
  24. Analysis of the impact of climate change on infrastructure
  25. Design and analysis of a sustainable and resilient bridge for extreme weather conditions
  26. Investigating the use of artificial intelligence in construction management
  27. Design and analysis of a high-speed rail network for a region or country
  28. Developing a sustainable and cost-effective housing solution for low-income families
  29. Investigation of the use of advanced composite materials in construction applications
  30. Design and implementation of a structural health monitoring system for a building or bridge

Remember, it's important to choose a project topic that interests you and aligns with your career goals.

These are just a few examples of unique and interesting civil engineering undergraduate final year project topics. It's important to choose a topic that you are passionate about and that aligns with your interests and career goals. Good luck with your project!


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