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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Design of Precast Parabolic Channels in Peshawar

Design of Precast Parabolic Channels in Peshawar

Introduction to Project of Precast Parabolic Channels

  • Canal irrigation system of Pakistan represents one of the largest system.
  • Discrepancy feature is the conveyance losses (35 to 50%)
  • Irrigation system of KPK (Province of Pakistan) is facing severe Operational problems including water scarcity, water logging, and salinity.
  • Reason was due to the traditional brick lining.

Steps to design Precast Parabolic Channels

The following steps are involved in the design of our selected water channel.

  • Collection of field data.
  • Using design software
  • Obtaining the final design parameters

Site Selection

  • Site selected was Syphon (Badabher, Peshawar, Pakistan)
  • Selected channel was off taking from Warsak canal at RD 96+000 feet
  • Name of channel Badabher Akkundi BalaKhel
  • CCA 2000 Gareb (Full channel)
  • Selected watercourse was earthen
  • Wheat and maize were the prime crops of the area

Collection of field data


  • Common survey equipments


  • Measurement of Full supply level of the channel (FSL)
  • Measurement of Bed level of channel
  • Measurement of Full Supply Level at crest
  • Measurement of Crest level of channel
  • Measurement of FSL at RD 0+00
  • Measurement of Bed level at 0+00

In addition to above following data was collected at each 30 meter interval of channel. FSL of channel

  • Bed level of channel
  • Left bank (L/B) and Right bank (R/B) of channel
  • Highest field elevation
  • RD's of Nuccas recorded along the channel.

Using Design Software

  • Super Calc 5
  • DOS version
  • Renowned software for designing channels
  • Bed reduced level
  • HFL
  • CCA
  • Discharge (Q)


  • Super Calc provides excellent graphical presentation
  • MS Excel spreadsheet used for both Brick lining and PCPS
  • PCPL much cheaper than brick lining
  • 9 drops provided

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