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Factors for Site Selection of Commercial Building

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Apr 30, 2017 / Factors Affecting
Site Selection of Commercial Building

The following are the few factors which must be taken into account while selecting a site for commercial building.

  1. Location.
  2. Climate of region.
  3. Availability of raw materials for .
  4. Cost and time frame.
  5. Population of the region.

1. Location:

The value of a commercial building depends upon its location, whether it is located in the center of the region or at the borders or on the main road or away from the main road. For a good commercial building it should be on the main road and in the center of the region.

2. Climate of Region:

The strength and stability of building mainly depends upon the climate of the region in which it is going to be constructed. As commercial buildings are very important and expensive form economic points of so it must be constructed according to the terms and conditions of region. So that it can be remain safe form floods, rains, snowfalls etc.

3. Availability of Raw materials:

Usually commercial buildings require more construction materials as compared to a normal residential house. So before the construction of the commercial building it must be sure that raw materials are available near by. Other wise it will become uneconomical.

4. Cost and time frame:

Before the construction of commercial a through investigation should made for the cost and time frame for the commercial building. Cost and time frame mainly depends upon the location and the availability of Raw materials.

5. Populations of the region:

Commercials building are constructed to meet the need of the local population. So for this purpose it must be constructed in the region having sufficient population in which the commercial building can restore its cost.


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