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Determination of Strain in a Steel Bar

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Aug 30, 2017 / Lab-Notes, Experiments, Mechanics Lab


Dividers, steel bar, specimen UTM, scale, vernier caliper.


  1. Prepare a test specimen of at least 2ft.

  2. Measure at least 3 places dia of steel bar by a VC and calculate the average value.

  3. Mark the gauge length i.e 2 marks 8” apart.

  4. Insert the suitable jaws in the grip and select a suitable load scale on UTM.

  5. Start the machine and continue applying the load tile the specimen breaks and then stop the UTM.

  6. Join the broken species of the tested specimen and measure the increase in gauge length.

  7. Determine the value of strain by dividing increase in gauge length by gauge length.

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