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Estimation of Water Demand

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: May 25, 2023

Estimation of Water Demand

While estimating the water demand, the above factors should be considered e.g. the size of the city; its population does matter when estimating the water demand. The more the size of population, more will be the demand. Estimation of water demand is necessary to:

  • Calculate design flow
  • Determine the pumping power of machines to be used
  • Reservoir capacity
  • Pipe capacity

To estimate water demand, following parameters must be determined or calculated.

To determine the maximum water demand during a fire, the required fir flow must be added to the maximum daily consumption rate. The shortage is fulfilled by elevated storage tanks which have been filled during lower demand in usual days

  1. Average daily water consumption: It is based on complete one year supply of water. It is the total consumption during one year, divided by the population.
    q = (Q / P x 365) lpcd (liters per capita per day)
  2. Maximum daily consumption: It is the maximum amount of water used during one day in the year. This amount is 180% of the average daily consumption
    MDC = 1.8 x Avg. daily consumption. It is usually a working day (Monday) of summer season.
  3. Maximum weekly demand: The amount of water used by a population during a whole single week in a study span of 1 year.
    Maximum weekly demand = 1.48 x Avg. D. C
    Maximum monthly demand = 1.28 x Avg. D. C
    Maximum hourly demand = 1.5 x Avg. D. C
    Maximum daily demand = 1.8 x Avg. D. C
  4. Fire water demand | Fire Demand: The amount of water used for fire fighting is termed as fire demand. Although, the amount of water used in fire fighting is a negligible part of the combine uses of water but the rate of flow and the volume required may be so high during fire that it is a deciding factor for pumps, reservoirs and distribution mains.
    Minimum fire flow should be 500 gpm (1890 L/m)
    Minimum fire flow should be 8000 gpm (32, 400 L/m)
    Additional flow may be required to protect adjacent buildings.

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