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The Hoover Dam Construction and Documentary Video

Hoover DAM Construction & Structural Details Article

Hoover Dam Top Front View
Top front View

Hoover Front View

Hoover Dam and its Road

Hoover Dam from behind
Hoover From Behind

Hoover Dam Bridge
The Hoover Dam Bridge

Hoover Dam from Behind
Hoover Dam From Inside

Hoover is a damn megastructure. See whats inside the Great American Icon: Hoover Dam. Watch how it was built? what difficulties were there? what it is made up of? where The Hoover damn is? How much is its power output? What is the purpose of making the Hoover dam? Why it was built? How does the historic Hoover dam look from behind, from the front, top and inside? Know about the Hoover dam city? History, Facts, funfacts, statistics and Much More....Just about the great dam

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