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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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To Find out the Reaction of Simply Supported Beam



Spring balance, Stands, Leveling deices, weights and hangers.


  • Condition of equilibrium for vertical parallel forces acting on a body is
  • Sum of all the force s should be zero.
  • It should satisfy the principle of moments .
  • If we take moment about a point on moments should be equal to anti clockwise moments.


  1. Set the apparatus accordingly

  2. Then hang the beam on the hooks and weights on bam with hangers.

  3. Note the distance of weight jaws from the support and value of weights.

  4. Using the two condition of equilibrium calculates R1 & R2.

  5. For this one should know values o weight of beams, length of beams and weight of hanger

Observation and Calculations

Weight of hanger = 0.1 lb

Weight of rod W3 = 5.84 lb

Length b/w the supports = 42 in

W1 W2 L1 L1/ L2 L2/ RA RB
0.6   lb 0.6   lb 10   in 32   in 32   in 10   in 3.5    lb 3.5    lb
0.85 lb 0.6   lb 7     in 35   in 24   in 18   in 3.85  lb 3.74  lb
0.6   lb 0.8   lb 24   in 18   in 7     in 35   in 3.72  lb 3.88  lb

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