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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Types of Infrastructure in Urban and Rural Areas

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: May 01, 2017 / Types of
Roads - Types of Infrastructure


  • Ground transportation (roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads) 

  • Air transportation (airports, heliports, ground facilities, air-traffic control) 

  • Waterways and ports (inland waterways, shipping channels, terminals, dry docks, sea ports) 

  • Intermodal facilities (rail/airport terminals, truck/rail/port terminals) 

  • Mass transit (subways, bus transit, light rail, monorails, platforms/ stations)
  • Pipelines (natural gas, crude oil)

Water and Waste water

  • Water supply (pumping stations, treatment plants, main water lines, wells, mechanical/electric equipment) 

  • Structures (dams, diversion, levees, tunnels, aqueducts) 

  • Agricultural water distribution (canals, rivers, weir, gates, dikes) 

  • Sewers (main sewer lines, septic tanks, treatment plants, storm water drains) 

  • Storm water drainage (roadside gutters and ditches, streams, levees) 

Waste Management

  • Solid waste (transport, landfills, treatment plants, recycling facilities)

  • Hazardous waste (transport, storage facilities, treatment plants, security)
  • Nuclear waste (transport, storage facilities, security)

Energy production and distribution

  • Fossil fuel-based electric power production (gas-,oil and coal-fueled power generation) 

  • Electric power distribution grid networks (high-voltage power- transmission lines, substations, distribution systems, energy-control centers, service and maintenance facilities) 

  • Gas pipelines (gas production, pipeline, computer stations and control centers, storage tanks, service and maintenance facilities) 

  • Petroleum/oil production (pumping stations, oil/gas separation plants, roads) 

  • Petroleum/oil distribution (marine and ground tanker terminals, pipelines, pumping stations, maintenance facilities, storage tanks) 

  • Nuclear power stations (nuclear reactors, power-generation stations, nuclear-waste disposal facilities, emergency equipment and facilities) 

  • Renewable energy and non-fossil fuels (infrastructure for solar power, wind power, hydro-electric power, biofuels)


  • Public buildings (schools, hospitals, government offices, police stations, fire stations, postal offices, prison systems, parking structures) 

  • Other buildings and structures—public/residential/commercial/offices (public housing, structures, utilities, swimming pools, security, ground access, parking) Multipurpose and sports complexes (coliseums, amphitheaters, convention centers) 

  • Housing facilities (public, private) 

  • Industrial, manufacturing/warehouse, and supply chain facilities (private)

Recreation facilities

  • Parks and playgrounds (roads, parking areas, recreational facilities, office buildings, restrooms, ornamental fountains, swimming pools, picnic areas)
  • Lake and water sports (roads, parking areas, picnic areas, marinas) 

  • Theme parks/casinos (access roads, buildings, restaurants, security facilities, structures) Hospitals and public health facilities (public, private) 



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