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Purpose and Objectives of Urban Drainage System

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Apr 28, 2017 / Notes, Drainage
Concrete Pipes used in Urban Drainage System

Objectives of Urban Drainage Systems

The four major objectives of drainage and sewer systems are:

  1. Public health and safety
  2. Environmental protection
  3. Sustainable development
  4. Occupational health and safety

Drain and Sewer systems are provided in order to prevent spread of diseases by:

  1. Preventing contact with faecal and other waterborne waste,
  2. Protecting drinking water sources from contamination by waterborne waste and
  3. Carrying runoff and surface water away while minimizing hazards to the public.

Additionally, the impact of drain and sewer systems on the receiving waters shall meet the requirements of national regulations (NEQS) or the relevant authority.

Purpose of Urban Drainage Systems

The purpose of Urban drainage is

  • To maintain such an environment that not affect the public health in general.
  • The creation of such conditions of living which will not result into serious outbreak of epidemic diseases.
  • It is the control of environmental pollution, improve environmental quality to enable healthy ecosystem and comfortable habitation to human.
  • It is a preventive measure for the preservation of health of the community in general and individual in particular.

Sewer systems should be designed, constructed, operated, maintained and rehabilitated in such a way that they are sustainable and can be operated with the minimum use of energy.


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