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Factors Affecting Site Selection of Residential Buildings

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Apr 30, 2017 / Factors Affecting
Site Selection of Residential buildings

There are many factors which must be taken in to account while selecting a site for a commercial and residential buildings. Some of these factors are given below.

  1. Shape of the Plot
  2. Location of the plot
  3. Availability of amenities
  4. Water Table
  5. Sewerage system

1. Shape of the plot:

Geometry of the plot for any kind of construction is very important which can largely effect the appearance of your structure. Shape of the plot should be such that the construction can be easily made with cost low as possible. And also in the future you can further expand it. A plot with more routes will be considered a good one.

2. Location of the plot:

The surround area of the residential plot is very important. It effects the price and the beauty of the plot. Plot should be taken in the area provided with a lot of services. And in a suitable environment free from all kind of pollutions. Efforts should be make to buy it near to main road. Because such plots are more valuable as compared to the plots situated away from the main road.

3. Availability of Amenities:

Plot for a residential building should be taken in the area provided with much number of amenities. Such as electricity, Telephone, Fax, Internet, Gas, School, Colleges, University etc. and the most important is the good and fast transport system. so that communication become more fast and quick.

4. Water table:

The water table at the site of residential building should not be very high. otherwise it will effect the quality of water which are used for drinking and domestic purposes. A plot with normal water table will be more preferred as compared with other plots having high water table.

5. Sewerage System:

There should be proper sewerage system at the site of residential plots. So that the extra water of houses can easily be drawn out especially in rains and floods. if in case there is no sewerage system the dirty water effect the building and as well the occupants as well.


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