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Wood as a Construction Material

Wood is a versatile and widely used construction material that has been utilized for thousands of years. It offers several advantages and is still preferred in many applications today. Here are some key points about wood as a construction material:

Advantages of Natural Seasoning of Wood

There are many reasons for drying wood, and improving properties of wood to be used for construction is the main aim. Four main Advantages of Natural Seasoning of Wood include: Increased Stability, durability, Workability and strength while the weight and susceptibility of the wood to decay is reduced, thus, elongating its useful life.

Properties of Wood & Timber - Physical & Chemical Properties of Wood

Wood is the oldest material used by humans for construction after stone. Despite its complex chemical nature, wood has excellent properties which lend themselves to human use. It is readily and economically available; easily machinable; amenable to fabrication into an infinite variety of sizes and shapes using simple on-site building techniques; Exceptionally strong relative

Presentation Video on Wood Preservation

Life cycle of a Wood Preservatives... Wood Preservatives, Its types, applications of wood preservatives... wood, timber, wood decay preservation, seasoning of wood... Life cycle of a Wood Preservatives...Wood Preservatives, Its types, applications of wood preservatives...wood, timber, wood decay preservation, seasoning of wood...Wood Preservatives, Its types,

Methods of Natural Seasoning of Wood

The basic principle is to stack the timber so that plenty of air can circulate around each piece. The timber is stacked with wide spaces between each piece horizontally, and with strips of wood between each layer ensuring that there is a vertical separation too. Air can then circulate around and through the stack, to slowly remove moisture. In some cases, weights can be placed

Decay & Preservation of Wood & Timber

The principal destroyers of wood are decay, caused by fungus, and attack by a number of animal organisms of which termites, carpenter ants, grubs of a wide variety of beetles, teredo, and limnoria are the principal offenders. In addition, fire annually causes widespread destruction of wood structures. Decay will not occur if wood is kept well ventilated and air-dry or

Chemical Seasoning and Preservatives of Wood

There are 3 main classes of preservatives Oily substances insoluble in water Water-soluble salts Salts carried in volatile solvent other than water. A) Oily Preservatives Coal-tar is the best known ►most widely used preservative Obtained from bituminous coal Available in many grades ► gives satisfactory results

Artificial Methods of Wood and Timber Seasoning

Kiln drying of lumber is perhaps the most effective and economical method available. Drying rates in a kiln can be carefully controlled and defect losses reduced to a minimum. Length of drying time is also greatly reduced and is predictable so that dry lumber inventories can often be reduced. Where staining is a problem, kiln drying is often the only reasonable

Classification and Methods of Sawing Timber

Classification of timber: Wood suitable for building or other engineering works is called timber When it forms a part of a living tree, it is called standing timber When the tree has been felled, it is called rough timber When it has been sawn to various market forms such as beams, battens, planks etc, it is called converted timber

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