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Feb 26, 2016 / Haseeb Jamal -

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Construction Management Functions

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Jan 16, 2017
Construction Management Functions

Construction Management Functions

Responsibility to construct the project:

    • In accordance with the plans and specifications
    • To satisfy the customer’s cost, quality, and time expectations

The project team is organized for the purpose of accomplishing those missions!

Owner Functions

  1. Defining the scope of the project
  2. Planning the project
  3. Financing the project
  4. Ensuring the project team understands the project’s goals

Company level

  • Selecting the right jobs to bid
  • Preparing the cost estimate
  • Submitting the bid
  • Procuring the payment and performance bonds
  • Scheduling the work
  • Securing project operating capital

Construction site level

  • Setting the standards for quality and safety
  • Planning the sequence of construction
  • Controlling progress and expenditures
  • Communicating effectively with owner and designer
  • Coordinating the work of the subcontractors
  • Managing submittals, change orders and periodic pay estimates
  • Closing out the project

Master planning

Scope definition

  • Owner determines exactly what kind of a facility will be built
  • Sets the design objectives for the Architect/Engineer

Planning phase


Planning Phase

  • Select the designer
  • Define the project goals
  • Ensure the availability of sufficient funds to complete the project
  • Select and purchase the project site,
  • Determine construction procurement system and the form of construction contract to be used.

Design Phase

  • Primary requirement for any facility is that it must be safe!!
    • Building codes
  • Owner and A/E schedule design reviews
    • schematic drawings
    • preliminary drawings
    • working drawings

Bid Phase

  • First step is to decide whether or not to bid the job. Contractors are generally limited in their ability to bid by two factors:
    • their bonding capacity and
    • the policies of management

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