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Types of Chains and Tapes in Civil Survey

By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Aug 30, 2017 / Types of, Surveying Equipment
Types of Chains

Types of Surveying Chains

Following are the various types of chain in common use in surveying:

  1. Metric chains
  2. Steel band or Band chain
  3. Gunter's chain or surveyors chain
  4. Engineers chain
  5. Revenue chain

1. Metric Chain:

  • Metric chains are made in lengths 20m and 30m. Tallies are fixed at every five-meter length and brass rings are provided at every meter length except where tallies are attached.

2. Gunter’s Chain

  • Length = 66’ (22 yards), No of links = 100, Each link = .66’
  • Used for measuring distances in miles or furlongs (220 yards), acres (Area).

3. Engineer’s Chain

4. Revenue Chain

  • Length = 33’, No of links = 16
  • Commonly used for measuring fields in cadastral Survey.

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Types of Measuring Tapes in Surveying

Tapes are made of different materials:

1. Cloth or linen tape

  • Used for subsidiary measurements
  • Very light, easy to handle
  • May effect by moisture

2. Metric steel tape

  • Made of steel
  • Outer end is provided with a ring for holding

3. Invar tape

  • Used for high precision work
  • Made of alloy steel

4. Synthetic tape

  • Made of glass fiber with PVC coating
  • These are used for short measurements

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